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About Us

The Postgraduate School for Sciences, Technology, and Geosciences (CRFD / STG) is an institution of the University of Yaoundé 1 created in 2013 by decree of the Minister of Higher Education with goals to professionalize, modernize and enhance research works.

The CRFD / STG is headed by a coordinator under the authority of the Rector of the University of Yaounde I.

The CRFD / STG has under its authority five (5) Research and Training units headed each by a Unit Coordinator.

The consultative and validation body of important scientific and administrative files of the CRFD / STG is the Scientific and Pedagogic Council of the Center, Council whose members, (23) are appointed by decision of the Rector of University of Yaoundé I. The Board meets when convened by the Coordinator of the CRFD / STG whenever the latter deems it necessary.

First steps

The Center (with the help of its Scientific and Pedagogic Council) started the supervision and the training of the students in Master II and Doctorate / Ph.D. with the following activities:

The establishment of an application review process for the authorization of thesis defense in 8 steps (download).

Documents required for thesis defense authorization request (download)

Documents to provide for registration in Master II and Doctorate (Ph.D) (download)

Preparation of courses and evaluations schedule for the 2013/2014 academic year with the deadline for the termination of lectures and evaluations set for April 28, 2014, the objective being to do everything possible to stop the overlapping on each other of academic the years the and to synchronize with international programs in October 2014.

The CRFD/STG is made up of five research and training units each headed by a coordinator. Each unit has a number of laboratories managed by research teams

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