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Postgraduate Research and Training Unit for Chemistry and Applications (URFD-CA)

The URFD_CA is one of the four (04) units of the Postgraduate School of Science, Technology, and Geosciences (CRFD-STG)

This unit is composed of Chemistry and related fields, researchers, research laboratories and Teams at the University of Yaoundé 1. The staff members of this unit are located in the faculty of Science; the Higher Teacher Training College HTTC (ENS) Yaoundé; the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (FMSB) and the National Advanced School of Engineering Yaoundé NASE.
The unit is responsible for the Master and Doctorate degree training in Chemistry. Two main options are identified: Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. The specialties include Physical and Analytical Chemistry; Computational Chemistry; Chemistry of Inorganic Materials; Chemistry of the Environment and bioresources; Natural Products research; pharmaceutical chemistry; Drugs Design..
Registration for Master of Doctorate is subject to a selection.

To be eligible for a selection in the second year of the Master's degree program, the candidate should be a holder of a Bachelors's degree in Chemistry or related fields, having completed the first year of masters program with a Cumulative Point grade of at least 2.4 /4. The capacity of the unit is limited to the allowed supervisors' place regarding the staff.

For a Ph.D., the candidate should be a holder of a Masters degree with a cumulative point grade of at least 2.4/4.

The actual registration for Master and Ph.D. selection is ongoing and the closing date for applications is 31st October 2019. The registration starts online at
During the doctorate training, the Ph.D. candidate should participate in the DOCTORIALES (Ph.D. students Seminar) that are organized yearly. These seminars are mandatory and are using for student training in scientific communication.

The duration of training for a Ph.D. is three years. Each selected candidate should undergo registration each year at the CRTD-STG. This registration is allowed up to five years without additional authorization. After five years (05), a special authorization to register issued by the rector is required.

The ruling staff involved within the URFD-CA are:

  • Research Unit Coordinator: Professor NDIFON Peter TEKE
  • Head of Department of Organic Chemistry: Pr. Nkengfack Augustin E
  • Head of Department of Inorganic Chemistry: Pr. NDIFON Peter TEKE

The Postgraduate Research and Training Unit for Chemistry and Application (URFD-CA) has 2 departments and 10 laboratories:

DEPARTMENT OF INORGANIC CHEMISTRY: The Department of Inorganic Chemistry has two research laboratories:

  1. Laboratory of Physical Chemistry and Applied Analytics
  2. Laboratory of Applied Inorganic Chemistry


  1. Laboratory of Structural Organic Chemistry and Analytics
  2. Laboratory of Chemical Study of Endophytes and Medicinal Plants
  3. Laboratory of Natural Substances and Recovery N ° 3
  4. Laboratory of Pharmacochemistry of Natural Substances
  5. Laboratory of natural products and synthesis of heterocycles
  6. Laboratory of Natural Substances and Organic Synthesis
  7. Laboratory of Natural Substances
  8. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory

Main research areas:

  • Study of tropical woods: carbonization, protection
  • Composite materials and Nanocomposites
  • Physico-chemical study and valorization of natural mineral materials (clays, bauxite,...)
  • Design and development of coordination compounds for technological and industrial application (syntheses, characterizations and properties)
  • New bi-functional N-, O-, S- and/or P- donor chelating systems and their metal complexes (Syntheses and characterization of transition metal complexes with therapeutic, biological and industrial applications)

The CRFD/STG is made up of five research and training units each headed by a coordinator. Each unit has a number of laboratories managed by research teams

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